by The Rad Dads

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released October 22, 2012

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The Rad Dads Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Hearts Not Strong
Love is just a word, just a word
Just like any other
Word rhymes with bird
Its absurd, just another fucking word

Not a world, not a state
Not another human face
Its just a word, just a word
Just another fucking word

And I am sick of it
Its been far too long
My head can live without it
But my hearts not strong

There were lots of times
You could've left your lover
But somethings in her mind
Thats in no others
And there were lots of times
You could've died together
But now its just a thought
That will live forever

And I tell myself over and over...
Track Name: Lonely Lives
Spread your cologne upon your lonely neck
Lets take a walk upon my lonely deck

Getting lonely

Talkin' 'bout the things we'll never do together
If we live our lonely lives apart
Talking from our hearts as we talk about the weather
And it rips me apart

Drinking alone once again
You've already moved on to another man

Eatin' your heart like your eating the dead
Ripping the crown of my head
Track Name: Hungry Forever
Where did you go? Im lost
Suffering sad, life's a cost
All the wind blows all the same
I wanna show you a sexy time

The streets are full once again
I wanna be a better man
Get off the street, get into my car
Lets go driving to Zanzabar

You've seen the cards
You want it all at the end of a tether
Every set of eyes, another fall
Will we be hungry forever?

All of the thrills and the spills
Keeping a record of your kills
Please dont despair, the futures here
I wanna show you a sexy time

I recently fell in love
I think it fits hand in glove
I bombed the love boat 'cause I thought I missed it
I bombed the love boat
Track Name: Waste Of Space
She will not be leaving 'till February
Yes I know it sounds scary but its true
San Diego's far and filled with zoos and things
Dinosaurs and diamond rings
Falsities of every kind
She grits her teeth
The drunkards told another story
Filled with holes and filled with glory
Filled with truths

Were just a waste of space
Crying upside down
She always gets in my face
As she wears her frightened frown

She can not betray people she cares about
Theres so much I can learn about from this girl
She's so honest pure and simple like the snow
But I'm always on the go, lying through my teeth
I hate myself theres nothing more than I can do
Wearing alligator shoes, walking on her heart
Track Name: So Many Drugs
Its been a while
The train is gone
Another lock in time, solidified

So many fears and criminals
Stabbing around the stomping ground
I flip the light the light switch

So many drugs we try them all
No many how high we get
We always fall

We covet it all
Track Name: Sweet Mamma
My baby she dont like me when I call her name
She tells me she dont need me, man,
It brings me so much pain

You can be cool, sweet mamma
Just dont leave me in the cold
You can be cool, sweet mamma
Just dont freeze your pretty soul

Mamma she always told me
Pappa he told me too
Dont let a woman be your only reason to be true

The first string to break is where it all will start
The last thing to die would be the hope thats in my heart

You can be cool, sweet mamma
You can be anything you please
You can be cool, sweet mamma
Just dont freeze on me

Im ready to suffer, Im ready to sin
Like the steel on the sleepers, man, Im ready to bend
When my baby comes to me
Im ganna make my baby rock
A Rooster needs a Hen just like an hour needs a clock
Track Name: Summers Over
It seems like yesterday
But its been so long
How could so much time even have
Come and gone?
Losing love so sweet
Is such a bitter song
Come and stop that choir
Singing on and on

And the summers over

The past is memory
The futures a dream
Listen, this is where it's all happening
Now you take a step for to talk a walk
Now the blind aren't deaf
And the deaf still talk

Yeah, the summers over

If you wanna drink it then you gotta get drunk
If you go and think it then it cant be unthunk
If you wanna sink it treat it like it’s sunk
You want peace of mind start thinking like a monk

Sugar, summers over
Track Name: Sweet Machine
I dreamed there was a keeper of the key
If anyone was lonesome they know who to see
If ever you were tired
Buried in the ruin
Or lost among the streets
I dreamed there was an ever loving keeper of the key

Ah, what a fucking awesome dream

I dreamed there was a spell over me
The elder flower lady set me free
The past was put behind
The present put below
The future was the dream
I dreamed there was a dark spell lifted off of me

Ah, what a cool fucking dream

I dreamed of a machine that made out thoughts more than dreams
Kept a big planet moving kept a little human being
Hope was more than light
Light was more than colour
And colour was more than seen
I dreamed of a machine that made our thoughts more than dreams

Ah, what a sweet machine